Our Upcoming Events

  • May 18 Pitch Perfect! (presentation skills workshop) Ignite offices in Jacksonville
    Quick! Rate your presentation skill-level on a scale of 1 to 10…Now be honest, what’d you give yourself?
    If it was a 4 or below, you’re probably being too hard on yourself, but we can help with that.
    If it was between a 5 and an 8, you’re likely a good presenter, and great is right around the corner.
    Aaaand if it was a 9 or higher, you get a virtual high five from us!
    Join us downtown on Monday, May 18 from 6pm to 8pm for a hands-on opportunity to explore and practice the skills that separate good presenters from excellent ones.
    Using improvisational techniques, you’ll learn to:
    • understand your audience
    • prepare for unexpected moments
    • actively listen
    • match your body language and voice to your message
    • create a narrative that is uniquely your own
    Led by The Improv Effect, you’ll see why companies like Crayola, Getty Images, Skype, Johnson & Johnson and Expedia are packed to the gills with great presenters who used to just be so-so. Learn more about The Improv Effect, who they’ve workshopped with across the globe, and what they have to say about it at
    Whether you’re an executive or an entrepreneur, a manager or a product owner, you already know how important it is to make your message stick. So let’s do this!!
  • May 22 Lean Presentation Skills Training Oslo, Norway

  • May 25 Training at Transferwise Talinn, Estonia
  • May 28 Training at Pipedrive Talinn, Estonia
  • Jun 23 Team Training PGA Tour Jacksonville, Fl
  • Jun 26 Presentation Skills Training Boston, MA
  • Jul 17 Training in Chicago Chicago
  • Aug 05 Keynote at Agile Alliance Washington DC