Our Upcoming Events

  • Feb 03 Beginner Improv Classes in Jacksonville Orange Park, Fl

    Tuesday classes teach you to: Deal with the unexpected, Speak with confidence Work with others Pay close attention to detail Be more creative Work on characters Work off of others ** Must be 17 or older to participate. No Experience Necessary! What are we about? We encourage an environment of collaboration, where people from all backgrounds are welcome and everyone can learn from one another. These classes require no previous improv/acting experience whatsoever. The classes are highly interactive. Be prepared to LAUGH and have FUN! When are the classes? Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The next session starts on Feb 3rd, 2015 and runs until feb 24th, totaling 4 classes in that time period.

  • Feb 06 NDCPeople Norway
  • Feb 09 Innovation and Lean Presentation Skills Workshop Jacksonville, Fl

    Join Ignite, the innovation lab for Adecco, the world’s largest human resources firm, and the ImprovEffect, a worldwide communication and innovation consultancy, in a 2 day interactive workshop that will leave you with the tools to empower your team, gain empathy for your users, and the ability to immediately tackle deep problems.

    Day 1: Will give you an opportunity to workshop with leaders of organizations and learn creative ways to solve problems by thinking like your customer. You will look at the world from their perspective, understand what motivates them, push past assumptions and redefine how your product will exceed expectations. This day is focused on giving you scalable tools that you can immediately use with current teams to help you get unstuck.

    Day 2: Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to put it together? We’ll introduce you to the Lean Presentation Skills™ model to focus on conveying messages to your audience. In the world of Lean, your product is only as good as how you present it. Essentially, your product is your presentation! Unfortunately, even if you have great content that people are interested in, if you fail to deliver your message, your product will fail as well.

    Through Lean Presentation Skills™, you will learn how to use the Build-Measure-Learn approach of the Lean Startup framework and apply it to a great talk. We will share experiential techniques that will take you from idea, to MVP, to stellar presentation. By the end of the program, you will not only be able to develop your ideas into something tangible, but you will also have the tools to insure your presentation and product’s success.

  • Feb 25 Presentation Skills and Sales training Orlando, Fl
  • Mar 24 Team and Ideation Training Tallinn, Estonia
  • Apr 12 Speaker at FITC Toronto: THE TECHNOLOGY & CREATIVITY CONFERENCE Toronto, Canada
    FITC Toronto 2015
    April 12-14, 2015 • 1200 attendees • 14th year • 5 tracks