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Presentation Skills: Making Your Message Stick

Whether you are speaking up at a team meeting, preparing to present in front of 100 people, or you find yourself in the elevator with the CEO, you need them to understand and remember what you had to say. Join The Improv Effect for a unique, hands-on opportunity to develop professionally (regardless of your role or tenure), by exploring the skills that separate good presenters from excellent ones.


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Current Keynotes:

Individuals, Interactions and Improvisation

As Agile Practitioners, we strive to make ourselves, our team and our delivery better. We can do this by being open to learning new ideas from other disciplines. Jessie’s keynote, “Individuals, Interactions and Improvisation” will be fun and interactive. In it, Jessie will share stories and exercises from the world of Improvisation.

There are many parallels between agile team principles and the principles of Improvisation. Effective improvisers give their teammates unconditional support. They practice active listening and accept and build on each other’s ideas. Jessie will explore these ideas and more. She will help and guide you in making your agile interactions more effective.

Jessie founded The Improv Effect in 2007. Her goal was to help businesses reach their full potential through interpersonal-communication skills training. They use an array of experiential techniques to transform teams and organizations. These cover teamwork, creative problem solving, on-boarding, presentation skills, and product development ideation sessions.  Jessie also recently published a book called “CTRLShift: 50 Games For 50 ****ing Days Like today”.

Individuals, Interactions and Improvisation


Unlearning: The Benefits of a Beginner’s Mind

The world we live in requires us to acquire new skills and absorb new knowledge in order to stay afloat. We must learn to SHIFT as things around us are changing. We see this on an individual, team, and organizational levels. However, we are leaving out one crucial piece of the puzzle: we are forgetting to forget, or rather, UNLEARN. Even though old habits are hard to break, the more we can unlearn the more likely we are to experience a sense of growth.

In this interactive talk, Jessie will share learnings and unlearnings from her own career, stories from some of the companies she has worked with, and techniques she teaches in order to make breakthroughs and forge ahead.


It’s all a matter of Perspective: Incorporating Play to Help Solve Problems

To encourage open-ended behavior and flip perspective on a problem, it is important to incorporate play. I have learned a lot about how to infuse play into problem solving through a lifetime of doing and teaching applied improvisation and through watching how my children look at the world. This interactive talk will be about my personal narrative at home and at work on how we can use play to be better problem solvers. I will teach you a couple of techniques that you can use after you leave the conference.

Improv and Ideation: A Mash-up

The goal of an ideation is to explore a wide variety of ideas and design alternatives. Learn how the skills of an improviser are extremely helpful when going through the ideation process. This interactive talk will get your brain charged and have you thinking and solving problems in a new way. From pushing beyond the first idea, to creatively collaborating with your team, improv can help at every phase of ideating. Jessie will let you experience a couple of exercises she has adapted for developers and designers that have had them come away with killer product ideas.

The Lean Presentation: How Your Talk is Like a Lean Start-up

CTRLShift: How to Use Games to Help You Deal with Everyday Shift

ImprovEffect Play__Note:

This creative and interactive kick-off sets the tone for an exciting event by getting all the attendees on the their feet, interacting with each other and having fun! While they are energized, they will connect and bond with 3 or 4 new people that they will want to stay in touch with far beyond their initial meeting. Everyone will start off the event with not only a good belly laugh, but also ready to be engaged and fully participate throughout the day.

The Improv Effect tied team-building, brainstorming, communication skills and creativity all in the same session that helped us move forward more strategically with our initiative

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